We Are IMPACT Machine Design

We build Brands and drive sales by listening to you, then imagining, designing and producing unique, affordable items for IMPACTFUL consumer experiences!

Founded in 2004. Impact Machine Design Inc.- is a full-service Canadian creative, design, sourcing and contract manufacturing firm that specializes in unique ideas to promote Brands – your product Brands, your company Brand. From concept to reality, we not only understand how to create, produce and deliver a great consumer experience, we understand the business behind it – your business.

Promotion or Retail. Whether a promotional gift or an item destined for retail sale, we deliver on-Brand, on-target ideas, from concept to reality – on time, and on your budget. And we do it again and again, for some of the biggest Brands on the planet.

We only design what can be produced. And only what can be afforded, in the quantity needed, in the timing required, in a packaging configuration to minimize shipping and freight.

Product to Consumer. Our process and deep production knowledge allows us to manage each step in the chain – manufacturing suitable design, materials selection, manufacture, packaging,
air or sea-transport container logistics and tracking. Everything you and your buyers want and need for their customers.

We’re unique. Unlike our would-be competitors, we have an office in China, our own office, with employees who work for only us, for you.
We don’t use trading agents to source, oversee and add markup to your work. We don’t push catalogue items. We make creating and value-manufacturing in Asia easy to do and reliable.

Need to know the status of your order? Call us!
Need to know if your product is going to clear customs? Call us!
We’ll know, because we control it and watch it every step of the way.

 Talk to us. 
Let us help you make an impact- grow your Brand and drive your sales.

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